How Sushmita Singh’s internship sparked her interests, schoolwork and career

An internship is among the first steps we take when charting our career path. It’s where we discover new strengths and interests, and gain clarity on what we want to do next. For Sushmita Anoop Singh, her internship on Wayfair’s Candidate Experience team was a great opportunity to learn and try new things.

“As a recent graduate, I had the opportunity to collaborate with different teams on projects, learn what they do and the full support of my team if I wanted to explore a different area,” Sushmita says about her internship at Wayfair. “I believe this flexibility is something one would truly appreciate when looking for an internship.”

Sushmita’s internship work sparked an interest in the topic of candidate experiences, leading to a decision to write her Master’s thesis about how to improve the candidate experience for women. She leaned on the expertise she gained during her internship to explore gender-related differences across various aspects of the application process.

Sushmita was able to use her new knowledge, skills and curiosity to become a full-time associate on the EU Candidate Experience team in Berlin. Her team ensures that the entire recruiting experience at Wayfair is fast, fair and transparent.

“I was impressed with the speed and transparency of my own interview experience at Wayfair,” she says, “and when I joined the team, I got the chance to learn what goes behind crafting a positive candidate experience.”

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WayFam — Sushmita Anoop Singh

Curious about what it’s like to work on our EU team? “The people who work at Wayfair are what makes Wayfair such an amazing place,” said Sushmita. “You have someone who supports you through all of your questions. And as someone coming from a different city and country they’re super welcoming.”

Hear about Sushmita’s experience in her own words – including her passion for dancing, Steven King and Daphne Du Maurier – by visiting our Instagram here.