How Hoppekids is Working to Make Children’s Furniture More Sustainable

This article is part of our series "Sustainable Suppliers," a collection of ongoing conversations with the suppliers in our network who are doing their part to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

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Hoppekids is a children’s furniture manufacturer located in Denmark whose mission is simple: to create the safest and most sustainable children’s furniture, which promotes good sleep, play, and creative learning. It’s a mission they’ve pursued for more than 20 years, and according to René Stenvang, Founder of Hoppekids, it’s the driving focus of everything they do.

“Personally, I have dedicated my life to creating a better future for our children through sustainable development,” said René. But for many people, sustainable development might not be something they’re familiar with. So what exactly does that mean?

René is happy to explain: “Sustainable development was well defined by Gro Harlem Brundtland (a former Prime Minister of Norway) as, ‘the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ For us, it is part of our DNA to ensure that we preserve the planet and resources for our future generations, and it is our main focus in all that we do.”

For us, it is part of our DNA to ensure that we preserve the planet and resources for our future generations, and it is our main focus in all that we do.
René Stenvang

With more than two decades of commitments to sustainability, Hoppekids was first awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel almost 10 years ago — something René is very proud of. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a strictly controlled certification overseen by the governments of the five Nordic countries which guarantees that all parts of a product’s journey — from raw materials through end-of-life recycling — are considered when evaluating the product’s level of sustainability.

René explains, “the majority of our products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This label promotes a circular economy, and the objective is to reduce the overall environmental impact from the production and consumption of goods. The label looks at the product’s entire lifecycle and the environmental problems that arise along the way — for the benefit of people, the environment, and Earth’s resources. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official environmental certification in all the Nordic countries, and products with this label live up to the most strict standards regarding the environment, health, and quality. It also means that a child will not come into contact with undesirable chemicals through breathing or close contact with the piece of furniture.”

While René and Hoppekids have a sustainable future at the forefront of their minds and mission, he believes it’s equally important for consumers to be mindful of where their furniture comes from.

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Hoppekids' Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate

“We are over-consuming the Earth’s resources and, therefore, it is very important to buy products with a long lifetime,” said René. “There are an abundance of products produced with only price and mass-consumption in mind, and with no consideration as to what kinds of chemicals the product can contain.”

Hoppekids creates designs with modular systems, providing flexibility for products to meet the changing needs of the customer as their child grows. The designs are created for parts to be exchanged, prolonging the lifespan of the product and aligning with Hoppekids’ goal of older siblings being able to pass on products to younger siblings. In fact, the company believes so strongly in its mission, they’ve introduced lifetime guarantees for their PREMIUM and STOREY product lines.

They also have their own factory, allowing them to have close oversight of the production of every product. The Hoppekids production process begins by ensuring their wood is sourced exclusively from sustainable forests with FSC certification and utilizing a computer to calculate the optimal way to cut the wood and minimize waste. The process continues with skilled in-house seamstresses creating textiles from OEKO-TEX® certified materials and only water-based lacquer, resulting in children's products with chemical-free surfaces. As part of their commitment to sustainability, they maintain adherence to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements, which are continuously made more and more strict, ensuring that only the most sustainable products remain certified.

Once products leave the factory, they’re transported in flat packs. This packaging strategy was chosen because it has a lighter environmental impact, as it avoids transporting unnecessary air. Flat packing furniture also enables the circular economy, as the furniture can easily be disassembled and reassembled in a new home, prolonging its life. Additionally, flat packs help to ensure furniture is delivered without damage and ready to follow children through their childhood adventures.

Hoppekids products are available through Wayfair in Europe, but their message and mission are global. We’re proud to work with suppliers like Hoppekids that are taking meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future and making a difference in the world — for all of our children’s futures.

Wayfair is committed to taking an active stand to protect our environment. Read more about Wayfair’s sustainability initiatives here.